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Air Conditioning Repairs

A loss of Air Conditioning could quickly transform your home into an unbearable environment during the hot summer months. Count on us to restore comfort to your home.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom remodels have one of the highest returns on investments a home owner can expect. Increase the value and bring new life into your home with a custom bathroom renovation.

Boiler Replacements

Depend on us for your boiler repair and replacement needs. As per Energy Star requirements, hot water boilers must have a minimum efficiency rating of 85%, Steam boilers must have 81%. We proudly use Utica and Dunkirk boilers.

High Pressure Jetting

The most effective way to rid pipes of blockages and wall deposits is by leveraging high pressure water jetting. Strong jets of water flush out of the pipe and the drain is returned to normal working condition.

Hot Air Furnaces

Depend on us for your furnace repair and replacement needs. Our 24 hour Emergency service will restore warmth to you home as quickly as possible.

Indirect Hot Water Heaters

Indirect hot water heaters recycle the heat given off from your existing boiler to power internal heat exchangers which provide an additional source of hot water for your home.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Increase the efficiency of your home's heating needs by converting to natural gas heat. Since natural gas is a cleaner fuel to burn, there is less maintenance required than with oil. They are Quieter, more efficient, and require far less space.

Viega Radiant Heat

Viega tubing is placed ether above or below the subfloor and/or behind the walls. When warm water travels through the tubing, it radiates heat throughout the floor and surrounding objects.

Sewer / Water Line Replacements

We provide repair and replacement services to your sewer and/or water lines.

Sewer / Storm Drain Cleaning

Depend on us for your sewer & storm drain cleaning and repair needs.

Sewer Video Camera Inspections

We provide video camera inspections of sewers. replica watches Capturing video of the current condition of your sewers, allows us to provide an immediate analysis of concerns that may exist. This is a cost effective method of identifying your sewer problem leading to a quicker remediation.

Solar Heating

Solar heating is a low cost & high efficiency solution to your home heating needs. With the excessive cost of oil and diminishing health of our environment, Solar heating is a responsible and economical decision.

Tommy's Plumbing offers installation of Buderus Solar Energy Systems to Paramus NJ and surrounding areas.

Sump Pumps

Moitsure problems are a common challenge in basements. In more severe cases flooding is a common occurance. These worries can quickly be remediated by installing a sump pump. If you require repair on your existing Sump pump, please use our Emergency Repair Request system to get your problem solved promptly and professionally.

We proudly provide instillation and repair services for Water Commander Emergency Backup Pumps.

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Water Heaters

We provide service to all Hot water heaters including installations and replacements. We specialize in the installation of new tankless water heating systems.

Systems Comparison
Good Better Best
Weil McLean Burnham Boderus High efficiency
Crown Dunkirk Burnham alpine boilers

Water Mains

We provide service for all of your water main replacement and repair needs. Services include but not limited to: Escavation of water main location, remediation or replacement of existing water main, and restoration of water pressure.

Air Conditioning Repair Paramus NJ

High Pressure Jetting Paramus NJ

Oil to Gas Conversions Paramus NJ

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Plumbing Repair Paramus NJ

Plumbing Repair Paramus NJ

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